We Are A Web Design Agency

This is WebLab404! We are a bunch of designers, developers and UX experts, united by the love for details and beauty. Independent and strong spirited, we are about sweating the small stuff to help you drive your brand forward.

Our Time Divided

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Where It All Began

WebLab404 was founded by Walter who decided to bring together his interest and love in design, technology and photography to create his view of the ideal agency. Taking all the best bits he learned, he has refined and implemented robust ways of working remotely (He can be found wondering about the world most of the times).


As passionate web designers, WooCommerce store experts, developers and photographers, we combine deep user research, psychology and UX best practice and apply it to our work. This approach is what allows us to continually push boundaries whilst maintaining the highest standards.


The pace of change in this industry means we’re always learning and we aim to continually hone our skills to stay at the very top of our game.

What We Do

Our Values

We have a set of philosophies we like to live by. Call them guidelines, codes, principles or teachings if you like but we like to see them as a way of life in our agency.