We provide cutting-edge security, firewall & monitoring protection for every client


We provide cutting-edge security, firewall & monitoring protection for every client


When it comes to safety and reliability we can offer a variety of tools to help you keeping your website safe.

We will always point you towards the perfect hosting service who will do a grand job at keeping you secure. We normally work with Bluehost as it is one of the fastest and most secure hosting services out there.

However, there are still ways that hackers and identity thieves may gain access to your website. Your first priority is that your users’ information are not compromised and to keep your website free of malware and phishing software. If the worst happens, you may get locked out of your website or have your access to it prevented unless you pay a ransom.

We can help you to avoid this with a variety of tools, which will make your website safe to navigate. Contact us today for your peace of mind.

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Our Security Package

Our services will let you rest easy making sure you are protected by some extremely advanced, server-level safety.

Secure HTTPS

We provide HTTPS (SSL Cert Cost Included) for every site. As a result, this improves website security and Google ranking

Spam Defence

Protect your SEO, readers, and brand reputation by automatically blocking all spammers

Malware Detection

Automatically detect and eliminate viruses, malware, and other exploitable security problems that may be lurking on your website

Platform Updates

Download of core updates including plugin updates, conflicts and bug fixes to keep your website secure


Automated backups stored in an offsite digital vault as well as a personal cloud service such as Dropbox or Google Drive in real time

Anomaly Detection

Security Anomaly Detection system identifies suspicious files and anomalies before helping you with removing them

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